Chilton Aircraft

G-AFSV lands at High Trees piloted by Andrew Dalrymple, photo courtesy of Constance Ward
G-AFSV Constructors number No.DW1A/1
Significant Dates
5th April 1939 Registered to Chilton Aircraft.
22nd July 1939 Authorisation to Fly issued.
5th August 1939 Lympne - Folkstone Aero Trophy Race, won by Andrew Dalrymple, who averaged 126 mph over three laps of 19.5 mile course. This was the last air race before war was declared on 3rd September 1939.
October 1939 Stored for the duration at the Earl of Cardigan's private airfield at High Trees near Marlborough.
9th August 1947 Official opening of Southend Airport, piloted by Ranald Porteous in the Southend Cup over three laps of a 20.5 mile triangular course, Rochford-Canvey Island-Shoeburyness.
31st August 1947 Lympne - Folkstone Aero Trophy Race, flown over three laps of a 19.5 mile course, Capel-Hythe-Lympne. Ranald Porteous took third place, he continued and flew a fourth extra lap after the race establishing a new International FIA Class "A" 100km closed-circuit speed record of 123.72 mph for engines of two litres and under.
2nd April 1948 Registered to Mr. A. R. Ward.
1950 Overhauled by the Chelsea College of Aeronautical Engineering at Redhill Aerodrome under the supervision of Gp. Capt. Edward Mole. A number of modifications were embodied to increase the aircraft's speed.
16th Sept. 1950. Daily Express International Air Race, from Hurn Airport (Bournemouth) along the coast to Herne Bay, flown by Gp. Capt. Edward Mole the Chilton averaged 143 mph over the course.
1st August 1951 Purchased from Mr. Ward by Derick Dempster for £215 with grant from Kemsley Trust, t/a “604 Squadron Flying Group” based North Weald. Aircraft not registered to new owners.
22nd September 1951 Daily Express South Coast Air Race, heavily handicapped, started 17th and finished 47th (63 entrants), flown by Derick Dempster (race won by Chilton G-AFGI at 129 mph).
27th May 1952 Propeller broken during nose over on engine start up with no one in cockpit.
3rd July 1952 Registration cancelled in Mr. Wards name.
8th August 1954 Ownership change to Mr. J. E. Applyard.
14th August 1955 Last flight with Train 4T engine.
15th May 1956 First flight with Mikron II engine.
1st July 1956 Log book entry, cockpit canopy fitted – max speed reduced.
9th December 1956 Fairy Reed metal propeller fitted.
17th May 1957 Mikron II No.25210 fitted.
24th June 1957 Log book entry, Yeadon Aviation – fitted a standard blown perspex bubble canopy supplied by Slingbys Sailplanes, the head rest fairing was enlarged to line up with the hinged canopy.
24th July 1957 Kings Cup Air Race, Coventry, over one lap of a 40.6 mile triangular course, flown by J. E. Applyard, averaged 144.5 m.p.h.
2nd June 1958 Rudder area increased at Permit renewal.
11th July 1958. Osram Cup at Coventry, three laps of totaling 35.25 miles flown into third place by J. E. Applyard.
12th July 1958. Kemsley Challenge Trophy at Coventry, three laps totaling 47 miles, won by J. E. Applyard at 148.75 mph.
12th July 1958. Kings Cup at Coventry, four laps totaling 71.6 miles flown by J. E. Applyard at 151 mph.
11th July 1959. Kings Cup at Coventry, four laps totaling 71.6 miles flown by J. E. Applyard.
6th January 1960 Mikron II engine No.25210 removed.
10th April 1960 Mikron II engine No.25280 fitted.
13th July 1960 Wind driven generator fitted in centre section. First reference to brakes in the log book, the original undercarriage and wheels were removed and a complete new u/c fabricated from Dural, fitted with small diameter Olympia sailplane wheels with integral brake uints. These were removed by self in 1979 and the original type u/c fitted complete with 16” o.d. pre-war wheelbarrow wheels as per original.
10th September 1963 Ownership change - Mr. R. H. Fautley.
19th September 1965 Ownership change - Mr. W. M. Hodgkins.
22nd April 1967 Ownership change - Mr. P. LeCoyte.
11th May 1968 Aircraft resprayed Red, Black with white trim.
18th May 1968 Ownership change - Mr. J. N. Redvers-Higgins.
23rd November 1968 Ownership change - Sqn. Ldr. M. A. Kelly. (£500)
11th July 1972 Last flight with Mikron II engine.
24th September 1973 Ownership change - Roger Bailey, Sussex.
17th July 1978 Ownership change - Roy Nerou, Coventry, exchanged for Comper Swift G-ABUS. Airframe to be restored to original configuration and colour scheme, fitted with original 44hp Train 4T engine.
January 2010 General final detail work, cowlings and new trousers being made to complete.
3rd August 2010 Moved the fuselage to Rob Millinship's spray booth, final cowling work work carried out and the whole aircraft was re-sprayed.
2nd May 2011 Rob Millinship came and we fitted wings and made new closing strips for wing to fuselage aperture.
July 2011 Rebuilding Train engine ready for instalation and test running.

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