Chilton Aircraft

G-AFGI with 55 hp Lycoming engine
G-AFGI Constructors number No.DW1/3
Significant Dates:-
30th March 1938 Registered to Chilton Aircraft, High Trees Landing Ground.
20th October 1938 Test flown from High Trees, Authorisation to Fly issued.
18th March 1939 Purchased by Frank Dawson-Paul, who was a personal friend of both Ward & Dalrymple, delivered to him at Broxbourne by Ranald Porteous. Interestingly Dawson-Paul’s Grandfather had founded the Boulton-Paul Aircraft Company. Subsequently ‘FGI was stored at High Trees from 1941 due to Dawson-Paul being killed in action during the Battle of Britain. Dawson-Paul was a Fleet Air Arm pilot on loan to the RAF. On July 25th 1940 he was attached to 64 Sqn based at Kenley and was flying Spitfire L1035, and whilst trying to protect convoy CW8 that was under attack in the Channel a few miles off Dover, although heavily outnumbered, he and his comrades tried to drive off 50+ Ju 88s and 50+ Bf 109s. He was shot down at 1800hr by Bf 109s, picked up by a German E-boat and taken to a hospital near Boulogne but died of his wounds a few days later on July 30th.
22nd July 1944 Ownership change - Mr. A. R. Edis, Nottingham.
19th November 1945 Ownership change - Mr. A. R. Ward, High Trees.
1st June 1949 Ownership change - purchased for £50 by Lt. Cmdr. J. S. Sproule, completed rebuild with addition of a bubble canopy.
9th May 1951 Ownership change - Mr. H. M. Kendall, Carden engine worked upon and subsequently won the Daily Express race on 22nd September 1951 at an average speed of 129 mph. Undercarriage wheels replaced by those from an Olympia sailplane.
6th September 1952 Ownership change - Mr. H. C. Mackinnon, fitted with 55hp Lycoming engine, undercarriage fitted with Lambretta scooter wheels with brakes.
29th October 1959 Ownership change - Mr. G. H. Baker.
3rd September 1962 Ownership change - Mr. J. J. Dickinson. exhibited at the Skyfame museum, Staverton 1968
30th December 1972 Ownership change - John McDonald & Kathy McDonald, restored to airworthiness by Joe Austin at White Waltham with the inclusion of wing slots and Mikron II engine ex. G-AFSV, currently airworthy, based at White Waltham.
19th September 2002 Old Warden - flown by Kathy McDonald, formation flying with G-AESZ flown by Rob Millinship for air to air photographs.

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