Chilton Aircraft

Sqn. Ldr. Bilborough looks up from 'FGH, photo courtesy of Richard Riding
G-AFGH Constructors number No.DW1/2
Significant Dates:-  
30th March 1938 Registered to Chilton Aircraft, High Trees Landing Ground.
20th May 1938 Authorisation to Fly issued.
29th May 1939 Tynwald Air Race - Isle of Man, flown into second by Ranald Porteous at 105 mph.
1st December 1946 Cancelled at post-war census.
28th Sept 1948 Sold to Ranald Porteous, Derby.
28th March 1949 Ownership change – Dr. J. M. Bickerton, Denham. On the 3rd of July 1949 the aircraft was seriously damaged during a forced landing following engine failure at South Chalfont whilst being flown by Mr. J. Gunner. The majority of the damage being confined to the fuselage, the fuselage of ‘ESZ was borrowed to enable it to race in the Grosvenor Challenge Cup at Elmdon on 1st August 1949, a race of 40.63 miles piloted by Sqn. Ldr. Bilborough.
10th November 1950 Ownership change - Bickerton Aerodromes Ltd., & Mr. J. Gunner, Denham. The aircraft was returned to full airworthiness on 8th July 1952 by using the fifth uncompleted Chilton fuselage that was still in store with Mr. Ward at Hungerford.
3rd March 1956 Ownership change - Mr. F. P. Massey-Dawson, Surrey.
12th February 1962 Ownership change - Mr. J. T. Hayes, Lincoln. Fitted with 55hp Lycoming engine and bubble canopy.
28th March 1983 Ownership change – Graham & Michael Joseph, Sussex. The cowlings were initially changed to resemble those of the Carden in profile, however the decision was made to restore the aircraft completely to its original configeration with Carden Ford engine. The project has been given to the Newbury Aeroplane Co. at Hungerford for completion. Currently the airframe is almost complete and is awaiting the Carden Ford engine before further progress can be made. It will be finished in it’s original colours of pale blue fuselage and silver wings.
Newly restored Carden-Ford ready to fit to airframe.
Newly restored Carden-Ford ready to fit to airframe.
Newly restored Carden-Ford ready to fit to airframe.

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